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Aussie Dog Home Alone Interactive Dog Toy

By Aussie Dog

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A fun & safe outlet for reducing stress & boredom!


Bored dogs can quickly become destructive dogs when they are left to make their own fun – so keep your dog entertained and out of trouble while you’re away with the Aussie Dog Home Alone dog toy.

Featuring a hanging bungee ball that rattles and dispenses treats, this tough dog toy will help keep your dog stimulated and active, and assist in reducing barking, destructive behaviour and separation anxiety.

The pawfect Home Alone size is based on your dogs weight:

  • Small Home Alone is for dogs that are 5-10kg
  • Medium Home Alone is for dogs that are 10–30kg
  • Large Home Alone is for dogs that are 30-50kg

How To: Home Alone



  • Bungie design allows for chasing and tugging, giving your dog an outlet for these natural canine behaviours
  • Great for physical and mental exercise and stimulation
  • Treat dispensing to provide motivation and reward
  • Great for active dogs who don't like to be left home alone
  • Can assist in reducing destructive behaviours that are often exhibited when dogs are bored or anxious