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DOGlite Colour Code LED Dog Leash Green Glow


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Sizing Chart

Size Length Width
Mini 120cm 15mm
Medium (Regular) 135cm 25mm

Nightime walkies just got safer, for you and your dog!

Get out there, be seen and be in control with a vibrant DOGlite LED Leash.

Doglite leashes are great in that they triples the safety factor

  • The LED makes it great for low light conditions and for evening exercise and play (double the safety!)
  • Add a second handle further down the leash for extra control in high traffic areas (triple the safety!)

A fibre optic channel funnels a bright LED colour throughout the leash, utilising 2 x replaceable batteries and giving up to 60 hours of fun in ‘ON’ and/or ‘SLOW FLASH’ mode (plus stand-by time).

Highlight your dog’s great character with a Northern Lights DOGlite Colour Code LED Leash.

Available in 3 colours: Northern Lights, Orange Sunset, Green Glow


  • UV rated webbing
  • POulling capacity up to 85kg (Mini) & 140kg (Medium)
  • Replaceable CR 2032 batteries
  • Up to 60hrs operational battery life
  • "ON" & "SLOW FLASH" mode
  • Thick 15mm fibre optic strip