We love dogs. We love cats. We love people who love dogs and cats.

What a privilege, that we get to decide what kind of life our pets get to live”

Our passion is to ensure our dogs and cats are living their best lives, and we believe enrichment is central to their happiness.

“The goal of enrichment is to improve our pets’ mental, physical and emotional well-being”

Enrichment is providing our pets with low-risk activities that satisfy their natural ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ instincts in ways that suit our home environment. This includes toys, games and activities that our dog or cat willingly want to participate in, and are tailored to their individual personalities and abilities.

“Enrichment will provide life changing benefits for your pet”

  • Build their confidence
  • Give them a sense of control over their environment
  • Occupy their time in positive ways
  • Decompress and relieve stress
  • Help prevent unwanted behaviours
  • Promote physical, psychological and emotional well-being
  • Improve our relationship with our pets

We believe enriched pets are the happiest pets, so check out our carefully curated range of enrichment toys, activities and DIY enrichment ideas for dogs and cats, and give your best friend the fulfilled life they truly deserve.