What you need to know about us.

We love dogs.  We love cats.  We love people who love dogs and cats.

We are also 100 percent positive the world would be a better place if everyone had a pet in their lives.

Our motto

Transforming urban pet parenting

Why we come to work every day

It is our mission to ensure our customers have the happiest, healthiest dogs and cats in town, while living life to the fullest!

Our motto in action

We carefully select and road-test a premium range of functional, high-quality, super-stylish products and professional, pet-centric services that have the power to transform the lives of pets and their people.

How we select our products

Every product we present to our customers has been assessed against our set of core values:

  • Is it of the highest quality, including ingredients, materials, and manufacturing?
  • Does it enrich the lives of pets and their people and positively impact pet well-being?
  • Does it look super-stylish and perform a vital function?
  • Does it solve a pet-parenting challenge?
  • Would we use it?

If we answer no to any of the above, we’ll fetch a better solution for our customers.


What about services?

Our range of professional pet-centric services are designed to support modern pet-parenting lifestyles and enhance the well-being of urban pets and their people.

Essential care, companionship and adventure boosts pet well-being, while also supporting pet parents to live life to the fullest. It just makes sense.

Our hopes & dreams

At Fetch & Meow, we aspire to work with local and international designers, inventors and creators who produce some of the most unique, stylish, and functional pet products on the planet.  We hope to connect Australia’s pet-loving community with products that excite and inspire.

Our dream is to connect our community of passionate pet-lovers to local rescue groups in meaningful ways so together we can support the many cats and dogs awaiting their fur-ever homes.