Companion Care Package

  • Bored or lonely pets at home? Don’t stress, we’ll keep your pets happy and looked after on those busy days and while you're away.
  • 1 hour

A dedicated hour of quality, in-home play and companionship from your F&M Pet Carer to ensure your pet is happy and content.

Plenty of tummy rubs, ear scratches, cuddles and kind words to give them maximum human contact during this 1 hour visit. We can also use this time to reinforce any training or tricks you might be working on.

Essential Care is also included, which means your pet gets fresh food, clean water and a refreshed litter tray.

AM: 8am-12pm / PM: 2pm-6pm


  • Great for one or more cats or dogs, and is a safe, no-stress, in-home alternative to short term boarding or kennels (or to hitting up friends and family again!).
  • If you are going to be away from your pet for any length of time, you may want to consider including an Adventure Care Package to satisfy all of your pets needs during your absence.
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Here is a link to our Service Terms and Conditions ahead of time, just to give you peace of mind that your trust is something we take very seriously.