K&H Mothers Heartbeat Puppy Pillow

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Sizing Chart

Small breed 20cm up to 9kgs
Medium breed 25cm up to 36kgs
Large breed 33cm over 36kgs

Nothing is more comforting for a puppy than the sound of a mother’s heartbeat

Comfort, sooth and calm your new puppy as it adjusts to life away from mum and siblings. The ingenious design of the Mother’s Heartbeat Puppy Pillow creates the soothing feel and sound of a maternal heartbeat.

Help ease separation anxiety and make the transition easier for your puppy and for your family so everyone can get a great, calm nights sleep.

Plush, comfy bone-shape and a rhythmic beat based on the estimated heartbeats of the breed of the parents and puppy, will give your puppy (or anxious dog) the best chance at a good nights sleep. Turn any pet bed into a soothing resting spot. Once activated, the heartbeat will automatically switch off after 8hrs.


  • Heartbeat rhythm is specifically designed to mimic the heartbeat of a the mother dog
  • Mother's heartbeat helps pets transition to their new home and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Pillows come in 3 different heartbeats per minute based on breed sizes
  • Includes a machine washable bone shaped pillow and heartbeat device
  • Included with each heartbeat toy is a heartbeat device. Heartbeat device installs into pillow’s zippered pocket. Batteries included
  • Helps reduce anxious puppy behaviour; less barking/crying during crate training

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