K&H EZ Mount Kittyface Window Bed For Cats

By K&H



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For kitties who love a comfortable perch to nap & bird watch!

Cats love high places for lots of reasons, including; safety, hunting and stalking behaviour, privacy, curiosity and for fun. By giving your kitty a variety of perches, play spaces and cosy spots, you create an environment that gives them outlets for these natural feline behaviours.

The K&H EZ Mount Kittyface Window Bed gives your kitty opportunities to exercise as they jump or climb into position for napping or a spot of bird watching. This cute and comfy window perch gives your kitty an exciting view of the great outdoors, where they can satisfy their natural curiosity without harming the wildlife.

Suction cups mount on virtually any window and the sturdy design holds up to 27kgs of floof. Fits windows 68cm wide or larger. Includes a comfy kitty pad your kitty will love to curl up on.

Size: 69cm W x 28cm H