Ibiyaya CLEO Multifunction Pet Stroller & Car Seat Travel System

By Ibiyaya

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Enrich your pet’s world – show them the sights, sounds & smells from the safety & comfort of the luxurious Ibiyaya Pet Stroller

If you have been looking for a convenient and luxurious way to take your furry companion(s) on outings, then the Ibiyaya CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller, in all it’s beautiful functionality, is a must-have for your pet care needs.

The CLEO pet stroller is perfect for safely expanding your pet’s world, particularly if they are anxious, injured, disabled or elderly. You can give your pet rich sensory experiences from the comfort and safety of the Ibiyaya Pet Stroller.

The 3-in-1 Pet Travel Solution: A Space-Saving Transformer
Carrier, car seat & stroller in one stylish package – the CLEO covers all your travel needs!

The CLEO pet stroller features a spacious cabin that can be detached from the stroller frame for use as a pet carrier. The carry straps tuck inside pockets on the side of the basket and make it easy for you to carry your pet when you want to put the frame away, which is great for small spaces that may not be able to accommodate a pet stroller.

You can also use the carrier as a comfortable pet car seat for safer travel while on the road, preventing your pet from moving around the car and putting themselves in danger. The carrier can hold up to 20kg, while the cabin is ideally sized for the comfort of 2 small dogs or 1 medium-sized dog.

The CLEO is a lightweight and storage-friendly pet carrier and stroller that can be folded to fit in the back of your car or in a closet. Both the stroller frame and the basket are foldable and streamlined so that you don’t need a lot of space to store these items.

Lockable Swivel Wheels for Smooth Strolling & Adjustable Handlebar for Comfort
Designed with four durable swivel wheels, the CLEO is a smooth and effortless ride. The wheels can be locked to secure the stroller in place as an added safety feature.

The cushioned handlebar is non-slip and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. You can adjust the handle to suit your needs, allowing you and your pet to stroll in comfort. The CLEO pet stroller also comes with an organiser bag that is attached to the handle and doubles as a cup holder.

Pet Carrier & Stroller Cabin Features
The removable cabin is covered in a stylish and functional water-repellent denim fabric, and is wide and spacious enough for your small to medium sized furry companion to lie down or sit up comfortably.

The robust hood protects your pets from the elements while you are outdoors. The basket is double-sided, allowing you to open either side of the hood for easy access. Or you can simply roll up the front flap to reveal the mesh window underneath, giving your pet protection, visibility, and ventilation while they observe their environment and enjoy the sensory ride. Use the toggle tie to secure flaps at the top of the hood. Both front and back flaps secure to the basket with Velcro closures.

The basket itself is made with a strong and durable plywood base for stability and a removable and washable pet cushion to ensure your pets comfort.

Add blankets, toys and pillows to transform the cabin into a cosy, safe space for your companion, with all the comforts of home.

Colour: Denim Blue

Recommended Weight Limit: 20kg; 44.09lbs

N.W.: 9kg; 19.84lbs (Carrycot: 3.3KGS/7.28lbs; Stroller frame: 5.7KGS/12.57lbs)
Cabin Dimensions: L54 W32 H51 (cm); L21.26 W12.6 H20.08 (in)
Stroller Dimensions: L82 W51.6 H106 (cm); L32.28 W20.31 H41.73 (in)
Folded Dimensions: L51.6 W29 H79.5 (cm); L20.31 W11.42 H31.3 (in)
Accessories:  Safety leash x2 / Removable pad


CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller:

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  • MULTI-FUNCTION PET STROLLER: This 3-in-1 pet stroller with detachable carrier can be used as a medium pet stroller, pet carrier, and pet car seat booster! The carrier can be folded to 2-inches (5 cm) tall for easy storage.
  • MODERN CASUAL STYLE: Designed with prime denim twill fabric and high-quality steel with a matte finish.
  • FLEXIBLE 2-WAY OPENING: Canopy can be opened from the front or back. The Velcro on the sides and magnetic buckles for both openings form a tight seal that can prevent your dog or cat from accidentally escaping.
  • 360° MOVEMENT: You can move and turn this pet stroller in all directions with ease! The handlebar comes with a comfortable curved grip and hand brakes for easy, safe parking.
  • MUST-HAVE SAFETY FEATURES: Detachable carrier utilising Anti-Pinch technology to prevent any injury during use. Includes safety tethers, auto-lock sliders, quick brakes, and spoke reflectors to help protect you and your pet in low light
  • WASHABLE COVER FABRIC: All fabric is removable and washable, including the seat cover! Made with breathable fabric, permeable yet resistant to splash, and very easy to clean with water.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & SPACIOUS STORAGE: Multi-level adjustable handle optimised for different heights. Plus side pockets, basket, removable hanging bags for your personal and pet items.