GiGwi Pet Droid Wobble Feather Melody Tumbler

By GiGwi



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A modern take on an old favourite – feathers!

Featuring a set of brightly coloured feathers and a responsive motion sensor system, the GiGwi Wobble Feather Melody Tumbler will respond to your cats touch instantly by rapidly shaking or moving the feathers in a way your cat will love.

Additionally, this toy also produces realistic bird sound effects that, when combined with the visual stimulus, offers a unique play experience that excites your cats natural hunting instincts. Being curious creatures, your feline friends will be fixated on trying to understand and solve the noisy, irregular movements of the GiGwi Pet Droid Wobble Feather. Purrfect for cats, big and small.


Base measures 5cm x 2.5cm


  • Built-in motion sensor chip that engages at your pet’s touch
  • Bright pink and fluffy feather plumage designed to attract your cat’s interests
  • Semi-circle ball base design that remains upright while your cat bats during play
  • On/off switch for optional quiet play
  • Designed to appeal to your cats natural stalking and hunting instincts

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