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GiGwi Johny Stick Treat Dispenser

By GiGwi



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A rubber chew toy AND treat holder that will satisfy even the toughest of dog chewers!

omits squeaking noises when chewed or caught for extra excitement during games of fetch and can hold your dog’s favourite treats for easy access to rewards during playtime.

The Gigwi Johny Stick Treat Dispenser is durable enough to be carried in your canine’s mouth and contains built-in Push to Mute technology which allows you to set to quiet mode for noise-free indoor play that will provide hours of stimulating fun and exercise. Using rewards during play positively reinforces the bond you have with your dog.

Dimensions: D 5.5cm L 20cm


  • Can be used in squeak or quiet mode to control noise levels in the home
  • Locker to ensure dog treats stay inside
  • Made from non-toxic thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • Tough and durable to withstand your dog’s jaw strength

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