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Creative Kitty Crescent Moon Cat Scratcher

By Creative Kitty



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The unique design makes it the perfect place to nap, stretch, scratch and play!

Your kitty will love this reversible cat scratcher, made with superior cardboard for durability and multiple surfaces for scratching and lounging.

Ideal for cats of any size, the large contour surface is purrfect for stretching out and lounging, while the unique crescent design encourages clawing and scratching on multiple surfaces.

Comes with a FREE package of catnip to encourage playtime (catnip use is optional).

Dimensions: 20” W x 8.5” D x 10” H


  • Unique, reversible design and multiple scratching surfaces extends the scratching fun
  • Durable, made from superior cardboard
  • Encourages cats to stretch and scratch, giving them a safe outlet for their natural feline behaviours
  • Curved surface makes for a comfy spot to lounge and cat nap
  • Purrfect for large cats
  • Free catnip included - use optional