Cookoo Sling 360 Cat Activity Toy

By Cookoo



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Unleash Your Cat’s Inner Hunter!

A fun way to unleash your cat’s natural hunting instinct, while exercising their brain and body.

The Cookoo Sling 360 flicks it’s tantalising rope teaser erratically, enticing your cat to hunt, ponce, swat and stalk. Providing your cat with an outlet for these natural feline behaviours improves their overall health and wellbeing. Made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic, this automated, interactive cat toy has a wide base for stability during this game of cat-and-mouse. With a cosy, plush pad on top for your kitty to perch between games, the Cookoo Sling 360 will automatically switch off after 15 minutes of play.

Safety first: Ensure that toy selection is suitable for your cat. Play should be supervised. This toy is not a children’s toy.

Size: 24cm Diameter

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Plush colour: Blue



  • Provides an outlet for your cat's natural feline behaviours; hunting, pouncing, swatting and stalking!
  • Encourages healthy, active play and mental stimulation
  • Made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic
  • Automated, interactive toy that automatically switches off after 15 minutes of play
  • Plush pad for perching between play