All For Paws PUPS Chocolate Ice Cream Chew Puppy Toy

By All For Paws



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A fun, cute & practical chew toy for teething puppies!

Your puppies fulltime job is to eat, sleep, play and CHEW!

Chewing is a natural canine behaviour and helps puppies self-sooth their sensitive gums when they are teething. Getting your puppy hooked on chew toys right from the start will also help to reduce stress (chewing is a naturally calming behaviour) and prevent them from practicing more destructive behaviours¬† Keep this fun, novelty-shaped PUPS Ice Cream Chew on hand to redirect your puppy’s piranha-teeth away from your hands (!) and on to more appropriate chew toys.

Size: L 12cm x W 5.5cm x H 1.3cm


  • Satisfying chew: Soft and satisfying for teething puppies
  • Fun to fetch & chew: Small enough to be carried easily in your puppy's mouth making it great for games of fetch or extended chew sessions
  • Play it safe: No toy is indestructible. Use under supervision and replace toy if damaged