All For Paws Interactives Culbuto Feather Cat Toy

By All For Paws



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Active, independent play that taps into your cat’s natural feline instincts!

All For Paws Interactives is an exciting range of cat toys designed for active, independent play, that tap into your kitty’s natural hunting instincts.

The Interactives range engages your kitty in active play, encouraging movement and giving them an outlet for their natural feline behaviours. The unpredictable, wobble action of the Culbuto Feather entices playfulness and combined with the flitting feather is perfect for stalking, hunting, pouncing and batting.

With its wireless remote control you can activate the Culbuto Feather from a distance and surprise your cat when they pass by. Once the feather grabs their attention, watch their hunting instincts take over!

Note: Battery operated (3 x AA)


How To: Culbuto Feather